The Grimm (Mini) Manor

The Grimms are planning to go small. We want to network. Do you have private land for rent that can accept a tiny home? Let’s talk!

When many of Jack’s design or development positions are spread across Southern California and his preferred method of transportation is bicycle/train– it makes sense to have a house made-to-order and on wheels. Jack is in the middle of completing his UX Design Certificate from Google, and plans to take work in UX design when it is complete (estimated October 2021). His spouse freelances and will be starting school in Fall 2021.

We are looking to find one or two lots where we can park for work or school. By design, our trailer will work with different land use codes, and we are most likely able to modify anything as needed for your land. If time and budget allow we hope to have solar and make it look like an actual house on the outside too.

Ideal locations: Orange County / LA County / Riverside / Open to anything adjacent

House will likely be looking for a spot of land around Fall 2021.

Reasons to make us your neighbor:

  • Small, single-story home foot print
  • Grey water / compost toilet so no sewage hook up needed. Just water & electric.
  • Portable but can be set up to hide wheels, look more like a home, etc.
  • The Grimms are both working professionals and pursing educations to grow their careers
  • It’s been said that the Grimms are pretty cool people. Learn about Meika Grimm.
  • We’re not like the people in the tiny house shows– we’re very down to earth and are planning & building everything on our own
    (we’ll have inspections to make sure it’s safe and everything is done correctly, of course).

If you have land for rent or have questions, please contact Jack and let us know more.

A very rough draft of Jack's tiny house blue prints