I’ve been up to a lot of art & design practice and study lately. I thought there was something wrong with me, turns out Adobe Illustrator has a lot of growing up to do to be ready for iPads and iPencils. Luckily someone out there has done better and created Vectornator! It’s really let me unleash all of my creativity and I’m just getting started! Take a look at some of my recent doodles.

Image Descriptions:

1. Art inspired by a Japanese eraser featuring our mascot Artie the chipmunk

3. ᎠᏂ (ani) not ᎤᎦᎾᏍᏓ (ụgạnạsda) – More Strawberries – Less Confectionaries

4. A vintage style Birthday Card I made for my sibling, who’s a blonde drummer based off of a real vintage birthday card

5. My first sketch in Vectornator celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger