Who has a new name and gender recognition by order of the court, and nowhere to go celebrate but with some front yard rose blooms?
This guy right here 😎
Changing my name, gender, and having access to HRT have been the most affirming & life changing experiences for me. While some surgeries loom on my mind, I wish this aspect of trans life was given more attention. A name and the right pronouns means so much.
When I was a kid I wrote a different name on my paper every few months. When my mom said the teachers asked why I did it I just had no words and stopped. I used to just cringe at my name even though I thought it was a good one. Now I hear my new name and it makes me feel visible and real. It’s like I was a wandering ghost and my name is the spell that summoned me from the dark underworld.
So nice to meet you, officially.
James: the usurper of kings. But also just call me whatever, Jack, Jaeck, Jimmy, Damnit Jim.. I’m not actually trying to put on heirs, that is the point of supplanting.
Jasper: Stone, inert, colorful, precious, but only semi. My made up names as a kid were often semi-precious stones. This would be my first but I wanted to minimize questions about where I keep my Victorian time-traveling machine.
Grimm: (Because hypenating Grimm-Webb is too spooky for my already too spooky demeanor) I simply took my wife’s family name.
I will be posting about transgender and transition related updates in its own category:

James Jasper Grimm smiling in front of rose bushes on a sunny day