I’m excited to be a part of a release from the resurrected band, The Happy Buttons, under Tarpan. It’s mostly the work of my sibling, Thomas, who was able to manifest some of the angsty dark feelings of rural wilderness youth into something that was a much better representation than if we had put it to instruments at the time. The original parts by Dan Lovejoy withstood the test of time and resurrection. I also think with the help of my spouse, Meika Grimm, it really came together musically, she has a knack for effortlessly adding instrumentation and muling over the mix to find that specific feel. I contributed some backing vocals and sound EFX. I did (and sometimes still) struggle with my voice as a trans man but this album helped me work through it a lot. I think we all learned a lot and have just sparked more creative ideas.

Tarpan is a nightmare pop act from Sparks, NV.
Band site: https://tarpan.band

Find the album on bandcamp: https://thehappybuttons.bandcamp.com/album/werewolf-of-paris

The Happy Buttons | Tarpan | Werewolf of Paris