I’m now a contributor and webmaster for Shallot Sanctuary, a vegan recipe website.
I share plant-based, simple to make, healthy, and affordable recipes there with the help of my sibling, Thomas Webb. We both were raised vegetarian but greatly expanded our pallets and cooking abilities as adults.
For me, eating better and being responsible for my own eating helped me to be healthier and actually enjoy my food more. One challenge about eating plant based is cost and access.
Especially in the US, healthy plant based food seems to be for the rich and those in cities. Conversely, in much of the rest of the world, plant based dishes are known for being cheap, comforting, widely accessible, and even a cornerstone of certain diets. This recipe website, Shallot Sanctuary, is focused on helping people to try new ideas, be healthier and have a better relationship with their food.

Shallot Sanctuary's Pizza Beans | Vegan comfort food that's easy to make and cheap

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